Our Story

A story with Venezuelan flavor ... Pikamiel

Thirty-five years ago, spending some time in Orlando with my mom and my aunts Reina and Nelly we were invited to a dinner. At that dinner I tried a jam of particular flavor and aroma, that delighted me. By luck and fate, the gift of that night was a jar of that jam and its composition.

And so, it all began then. With the recipe in my hands, and my passion for cooking I decided to recreate it, and thus I reconverted it with my imagination and Venezuelan ingredients to prepare this Delight. I made up my version of the jam.

As a result, Pikamiel, was created, it was a perfect mixture that shakes the palate and sweetens it. My unbeatable ally was the Venezuelan ají (sweet pepper), this ingredient makes anything simple become sublime.

Today everyone knows me as Yuyi, I am known as the best cook in the world to my grandchildren, and my friends know me as Mrs. Pikamiel.

Like many stories, the story of Pikamiel has been rewritten. After so years many years many give testimony to the thousands of combinations that can be made with this special jam.

Today the story is reversed, it's not just my recipe, it's a family heritage.

Now my children, who no longer live in their homeland offer Pikamiel, the jam of Venezuelan origin of American ancestors.

Now this jam tastes like memories and generosity, with our spicy goodness, sweetened with smiles and the smell of the Ávila which is the most beautiful mountain  that you could ever imagine.

That is what we all carry in our suitcases, the people who make a life outside of our homeland, like my children and my grandchildren.

Nowadays, with nostalgia, but with great pride they will multiply my gift for cooking, with our family secret, the one that only the master of the stove knows how to recreate.

Receive my blessings.

Judith Finol de Colimodio